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Benefits of a Lawn Irrigation System

If you ever noticed a perfectly green, lush, soft, and healthy lawn, it is almost guaranteed that there is a lawn irrigation system watering it. Though proper care and nutrients are important just like for any other plant, most professionals will agree that proper watering is the main factor for a beautiful lawn. A lawn irrigation system can help save time, money, prevent weeds and most importantly make your property look great.

Save time, enjoy your time elsewhere
Lawn experts agree that the importance of watering the right amount at the right time creates a beautiful lawn. Automation saves you time and effort. No more dragging out the hose and repositioning constantly early in the mornings. Spend your time enjoying your property instead.
Lower Operating Costs
Many homeowners don’t realise that they are likely overwatering their lawn to keep their grass green. A properly designed lawn irrigation system will distribute just the right amount of water taking into account soil type, grass type and weather conditions that is difficult for manually watering to achieve.
Control weeds the correct way
Proper watering will prevent weed growth by encouraging thick grass and promotes strong grass roots. This also saves money on weed control products that are a hit or miss (especially with Canadian regulation on weed control products).
Increase curb appeal
There is definitely something luxurious about having automated sprinklers pop up simultaneously. When designed and orchestrated by professionals that appreciate visual aspects as well as usability, your sprinkler system will definitely turn heads and increase your property value. This benefit on top of having perfectly lush, green grass, sure beats a picture of homeowner in pajamas struggling with hoses cluttered all over their lawn.
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Knowledge and Training - Lawn Irrigation System

Planning a lawn irrigation system may seem overwhelming but that’s why we’re here to help. Our professional staff is very approachable and is always willing to answer any questions you may have. A good start is to determine where and what you would like to water (front yard, back yard, boulevard, sides, gardens, etc.) There are still many factors the homeowner will need to decide on that will affect the price  of the system. We have created some resources to help with this process.  As an informed homeowner can make better decisions on the available options to fit their budget and unique landscaping needs.

Sprinkler Heads

Impact Lawn Irrigation System Sprinkler

Impact Rotors

Likely the most recognized sprinkler head known for its distinct sound. Impact rotors are not as popular anymore as gear-driven rotor sprinkler heads are used instead, There are still some special situations where they excel however.  Impact sprinklers tend to have the longest range, reaching up to 150 feet making them ideal for very large properties. Because of their mechanical design, they are easier to maintain. Impacts are preferred if you have hard water or are on well water.

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Rotor Lawn Irrigation System Sprinkler


Gear-driven rotor sprinkler heads are becoming more common than their louder impact versions. Gear-driven rotors are quiet and shoot a stream of water that places water evenly across its spray line. Their range is considerably far with only the impacts being able to outrange them. These heads are suitable for larger properties and are often installed improperly on lawns that are smaller.

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Fixed Spray Lawn Irrigation System Sprinkler

Spray Nozzle

The most popular types of spray heads are fixed spray heads, but there are adjustable versions available as well. Fixed spray heads are cost-effective and come in ¼ circle, ½ circle, full circle. Since spray heads water in all directions at the same time, run times are shorter. The range on spray heads are generally limited to 15 feet making them suitable for smaller lawns. They also work well with lawns with irregular shapes.


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MP Rotator Lawn Irrigation System Sprinkler

Rotary Nozzle

These miniature rotors are the latest creation in the sprinkler industry. They have a unique look resembling a cross between rotors and sprays. They claim to be more efficient than traditional spray heads because they produce less mist. Certain models provide the lowest flow possible, beneficial for low-flow households, and houses with steep slopes and certain soil types. The biggest drawback is the cost, they do provide many benefits and versatility compared to other sprinkler heads.


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Lawn irrigation brands we trust


The controller will decide when your lawn irrigation system will run based on the configuration.  Here are some major factors to think about when choosing a controller.

Number of Zones – Depending on the water pressure and flow of the household, your lawn irrigation system will need to be split up into zones. This will affect how many zones you need on your controller. It’s a good idea to have a few spare zones if you plan to upgrade in the future.

Indoor/Outdoor – Will your controller be placed in your garage or some sort of shelter? If not, you’ll need to get an outdoor model that is weatherproof as well as tamper-proof.

Number of Pre-sets – Controllers can store multiple pre-sets that can be switched to when needed.  This saves time over reprogramming the controller for different situations,  An example is a pre-set to water more regularly when putting down new grass seeds.

Hunter X-Core Lawn Irrigation System Controller
Rachio Smart Lawn Irrigation System Controller

Rain Sensor – Installing a rain sensor will detect rain droplets, stopping the lawn irrigation system from running during rainy periods. This will help save water and money automatically. The rain sensor will only prevent the system from running when wet and does not predict if it will rain.

Connectivity/Smart features – The latest smart controllers allow you to control your lawn irrigation system from your phone.  This level of control allows for convenience and unlimited possibilities. Higher end models will use sophisticated algorithms and weather stations to predict future weather, watering less or not at all if there is incoming rain. Some controllers can be configured based on soil type, plant/grass type and live weather data and determine how long to water based on evaporation and retention rates.

Head to Head Coverage

Head to Head Coverage

There is a misconception that as long as water “touches” a certain area, that it is getting enough precipitation. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and many homeowners and installers may follow this idea to cut costs. In some situations, this will do the opposite and cost homeowners more in the long run.  It could also cause unsightly yellow rings due to under-watering. Proper head-to-head coverage allows for an even distribution of water which many lawn irrigation system installers fail to achieve.


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Lawn Irrigation System

Watering Needs

Different plants and soil types require different amounts of water. Overwatering not only wastes water and money but can cause disease to plants and grass. Underwatering prevents your grass from looking its best, as well as causing other issues such as: unsightly yellow rings, bare spots that promote weed growth, and less yield from your vegetables. Installing a proper lawn irrigation system takes more than technical experience and design detail, but also understanding horticulture and plant needs. To install a quality lawn irrigation system, it is important to balance all these details and maximize your investment.


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Mixed Sprinkler Heads

Mixing heads

When installed incorrectly, mixing head types can cause uneven distribution of water as different sprinkler heads output different amounts of water. Many homeowners and lawn irrigation companies will swap heads with different ranges without calculating and taking into account the precipitation rate. Similar to not having proper head-to-head coverage, this can increase operating costs by overwatering or lawn quality issues through under-watering.


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